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Solar calculator online: Calculate solar yield

What solar yield does my roof surface offer? With the free solar calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the savings potential for your solar system online at

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Solar yield and
Savings potential

With Meyer Burger's high-quality solar modules, you can lower electricity costs, reduce emissions and become independent. Due to their small dimensions, the solar modules can be mounted very flexibly on the roof surface, they are lightweight and extremely durable. You can find out how great the savings potential of a solar system on your roof is with the free solar calculator.

The free solar calculator gives you important estimates about:

  • The optimal solar system size for your roof
  • The solar yield of the solar system per year
  • Your own consumption and degree of self-sufficiency
  • The savings potential per year
  • Your personalCO2 savings

Try out the solar calculator online

With our solar calculator, you can quickly and easily obtain all the important information about installing a photovoltaic system on your roof. When calculating the possible solar installation, you will find out how high the solar yield can be for your roof.

How does the solar calculator work?

In the first step, you enter the address of your house. Now you will be shown a satellite view and in step 2 you can draw in the available roof area for a solar system. Select the roof type and enter the angle of inclination of the roof surface. From this, the solar calculator calculates the potential solar yield and savings potential of your future photovoltaic system.

Solar yield for the entire solar system

The online calculator determines the photovoltaic yield of the solar modules that can be installed on your roof on the basis of the information you provide. In clear and concise graphical representations, you can find out, among other things, the possible solar yield for the entire solar system.


Unfortunately the solr calculator is not available for your country.

Calculate solar self-sufficiency

In the solar calculator for your photovoltaic system, under the 'Independence' tab, you will find the proportion of your electricity requirements that can be covered by Meyer Burger solar modules. This is the degree of your"solar self-sufficiency". It is important to look at the system as a whole - especially the storage size in kWh and the potential yield of your PV system in kWp.

In the 'Self-consumption' section, the solar calculator breaks down the PV electricity share used by your home.

Solar self-sufficiency in winter

'A typical day for your building' then graphically shows how the output of your PV system develops over the course of the day. Are you particularly interested in solar self-sufficiency in winter? In addition to the differences in solar yield, you can also see how high the share of self-consumption is at any time of day or night and what yield flows into the battery storage.

Solar energy reduces CO2

Under 'CO2 savings' you can clearly see what contribution your photovoltaic system makes to CO2 reduction. Your solar yield is compared, for example, with the total distance you would have to save in car journeys to achieve the same effect. In this way you can see at a glance what contribution your renewable energy system can make to saving CO2 emissions.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to plan your calculation in detail with a Meyer Burger specialist partner and have the values from the solar calculator checked.