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07.02.2024 - Corporate

Energy Transition “Made in Europe”: Otovo and Meyer Burger Launch Collaboration


Energy Transition “Made in Europe”: Otovo and Meyer Burger Launch Collaboration

Otovo, Europe’s leading marketplace for solar systems, and the Swiss solar module manufacturer Meyer Burger Technology AG announce the immediate launch of a new partnership. This collaboration underlines their shared commitment to building a more robust and sustainable energy infrastructure in Europe, a market whose importance was recently underscored in the European Union’s agreement on the “Net Zero Industry Act” (NZIA). As part of this collaboration, Otovo will integrate Meyer Burger’s high-quality solar products as a European, sustainable module alternative on its marketplace.

Tradition Meets Digital Innovation

This partnership brings together Meyer Burger's rich expertise in European-manufactured, high-quality solar modules with Otovo’s efficient digital sales process. This synergy allows both companies to leverage their individual strengths to better serve the European solar market and provide consumers with a more comprehensive selection.

“To promote European products alongside a renowned company like Meyer Burger is a significant gain for all those driving the energy transition. Meyer Burger's modules are a high-quality product that we can swiftly bring to consumers' rooftops with the help of our digital processes, a strong network of local installers, and political framework conditions,” commented Artur Schreiber, Managing Director for Germany at Otovo.

“With this partnership, we are actively preparing ourselves for a resilience scenario in Germany. Purchasing a solar system with Meyer Burger modules at fair prices will be as easy as ordering everyday items online. End customers will have the opportunity to buy a Meyer Burger solar system with just a few clicks. Therefore, this partnership is a significant contribution to strengthening resilience in the European energy market,” said Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger. His company remains committed to the previously pursued three-stage sales strategy.

Promoting the European Energy Transition

This partnership unites two distinct European success models with a common vision: accelerating the energy transition in Europe. The companies' commitment significantly increases accessibility to “Made in Europe” solar energy, marking a crucial step towards strengthening resilience and performance of the European solar industry.

Both sides emphasize the need for additional political measures to ensure the resilience of the energy transition, fair market conditions, and the promotion of local value chains. The measures recently enacted under the NZIA alone are not enough to secure solar technology production in Europe. “It remains true: Without immediate resilience measures, the solar industry in Europe will not be salvageable,” stated Artur Schreiber.

The Joint Sales Process

The joint offering is initially available in Germany and is planned to be expanded to other European markets in the future. The sales process will be fully digitalized, from entering the address on the Meyer Burger website and locating the building via Google Maps, to preparing the offer and selecting the installer, through to the digital signing of the offer. On-site implementation and customer invoicing will be carried out by Otovo.

More info at and (in German only).

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