10.08.2021 - Corporate

Meyer Burger rejects allegations and sets the record straight

  • Meyer Burger rejects all allegations made by the recently founded "Schweizerischer Anlegerschutzverein (SASV)" ("Swiss Investor Protection Association"). 
  • Meyer Burger conducted its Annual General Meeting in compliance with legal requirements and applicable corporate governance rules.
  • The allegation of unequal treatment of shareholders in the context of the private placement of new shares and a convertible bond is incorrect.
  • Meyer Burger Board of Directors member Mark Kerekes neither holds an interest in Meyer Burger shareholder Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC nor exercises any influence over its management decisions.
  • Meyer Burger has reported its shareholding in Oxford Photovoltaics Limited (Oxford PV) correctly.



Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (MBTN) is currently facing allegations by the "Schweizerischer Anlegerschutzverein (SASV)" ("Swiss Investor Protection Association"), which was founded on 19 July 2021. 


Contrary to the allegation of the association, the 21st Annual General Meeting of Meyer Burger on 4 May 2021 was held in compliance with applicable legal provisions and corporate governance rules. All resolutions of the Annual General Meeting were published as an ad hoc press release on the same day and the notary's minutes were published on Meyer Burger's website on 16 June 2021. All questions and answers, which were sent to the Company immediately before the Annual General Meeting, are reproduced verbatim in the appendix to the minutes of the Annual General Meeting. The latter was published on the Company's website on 09 July 2021. No statutory deadline applied to the publication of the minutes.


The allegation of unequal treatment of shareholders in the context of the recent private placement of new shares and a convertible bond is false. In particular, no preferential treatment of the shareholder Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC took place. On July 12, 2021, Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC announced changes in its shareholding in Meyer Burger and stated that it had not been invited to participate in the recent placement of Meyer Burger shares nor the convertible bond. 


On April 20, 2020, Mark Kerekes resigned from all functions in Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC on an explicit request of the then Board of Directors in connection with his candidacy and election to the Board of Directors of Meyer Burger. Therefore, contrary to the representation of the "SASV", Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC has no obligation to report management transactions, as Mark Kerekes neither holds an interest in Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC nor has any influence on its management decisions. 


Furthermore, the "SASV" falsely alleges that Meyer Burger did not inform the market in connection with an increase of its shareholding in Oxford PV. Meyer Burger already reported the redemption of its option to purchase additional shares, which increased Meyer Burger's stake in Oxford PV from 18.4% to 19.8%, in the Annual Report 2019.


Meyer Burger rejects all allegations and calls for "SASV" to cease its conduct that is damaging to the company's reputation and business. Meyer Burger reserves the right to take legal action.




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