Annual General Meeting

Here you will find the documents of the last Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd on May 05, 2022. Furthermore, the documents of the Annual General Meetings since 2016 are available in the archive.




21st Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
04.05.2021: Meyer Burger Technology AG, Gwatt (Thun)


Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting 2020
10.07.2020: Kultur- und Kongresszentrum, Thun


20th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2020
13.05.2020: Meyer Burger Technology AG, Gwatt (Thun)


Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting 2019
30.10.2019: Stade de Suisse, Bern


19th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 2019
02.05.2019: Kongress- und Kulturzentrum, Thun


18th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
02.05.2018: Kongress- und Kulturzentrum, Thun


17th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
27.04.2017: Stade de Suisse, Bern


Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
02.12.2016: Stade de Suisse, Bern


16th Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting
03.05.2016: Stade de Suisse, Bern

Statuen Meyer Burger

Articles of Association of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd

The articles of association are the basic legal document of the company and have been ratified during a shareholders' meeting. The most important issues governed by the articles of association are:

  • Amount and composition of the company's share capital and organization of the share register
  • Organisation, authorities and powers of the AGM
  • Composition, duties and authorities of the Board of Directors
  • Composition, duties and authorities of the Group Executive Board
  • Functions of the external auditors


Articles of association

FAQ about the General Meeting


How can Meyer Burger shares be purchased?

The shares can be purchased through your custodian bank or an online broker that offers shares for trading on the Swiss stock exchange SIX.


How can I participate and vote at the Annual General Meeting?

For this purpose, the purchased shares must be entered in the share register. The custodian bank or the online broker must be instructed to make the registration (not Meyer Burger). You will receive an invitation and information on voting in due course.


How are my shares entered in the share register?

The custodian bank or online broker must be instructed to make the entry in the share register. In many cases, this can be ordered by telephone or via the corresponding online access with just a few clicks.


Will I automatically receive an invitation to the Annual General Meeting?

If the shares have been entered in the share register in good time, you will receive a personal written invitation as well as the voting material.

The invitation will describe how you can exercise your voting rights. Usually, you can vote in paper form as well as electronically via the online service in the run-up to the General Meeting. Your voting rights will be exercised at the General Stockholders' Meeting by granting power of attorney and issuing instructions to the proxies nominated by the Company.

If the General Stockholders' Meeting is held physically, voting can also take place on site.


When will the invitation be sent out?

The invitation is sent to all registered shareholders no later than 20 days before the General Meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2022, Thun Switzerland


Alexandre Müller
Phone +41 43 268 32 31
Mobile +41 79 635 64 13

Share register

Computershare Schweiz AG
Baslerstrasse 90
4600 Olten
Tel: +41 62 205 77 00

Management transactions

Meyer Burger reports all transactions of Meyer Burger shares by the Board of Directors and the members of the Group Management to the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Management transactions


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