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Meyer Burger's Specialized Technologies portfolio has evolved from the technologies which have often been successfully implmented in the PV market and which have evolved to cover a broad range of applications in other markets.

Our high-end equipment is used to cut sapphire crystals into bricks and wafers or to slice ceramics, glass, quartz and a variety of other hard and brittle materials.

Under the award winning PiXDRO brand name, various systems have been developed which enable the scaling of inkjet printing from laboratory applications to the point of mass production. PiXDRO platforms are especially suitable for the manufacture of semiconductor devices, for OLED products (illumination, display, 3D), as well as for printed electronics (PCB).

With the FLEx platform, we offer a thin-film system as part of an integrated solution or as a separate process module which meets the needs of tomorrow’s technologies.

We provide advanced solutions in plasma and ion beam technology for applications in the semiconductor industry, in the production of high precision optics and sensors and many more high-tech markets as well as for research and development.

Innovative, flexible and economic solutions for different branches. Certainly we offer you the appropriate service & support for the complete life cycle of your production worldwide.


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    Flexible systems for Large Area Plasma Processing

    AK 1000 inline

    Multiple process chambers in a serial layout allow the deposition of complex film stacks in one process stream.

    Flexible systems for Large Area Plasma Processing

    AK 400

    Small process system with linear plasma sources that creates best homogeneity over a large surface with a highly dense plasma

    Flexible systems for Large Area Plasma Processing

    AK 800 / 1000

    The AK 800 and 1000 systems are batch type layouts and differ in maximum sample size and number of plasma sources.

    Automation & Software
    Control systems & software solutions

    Railway Technology

    Intelligent automation solutions for rail transport are needed to meet the goal of transferring transport from road to rail.


    Beams / Adhesives

    Our DMT710 beams were designed specifically for the water-based diamond wire process.

    Hybrid Electronics Production

    CONx HE

    The core of our hybrid electronics production tools consists of inkjet printing tools and pick-and-place and micro-assembly tools.

    Thin Film Encapsulation

    CONx TFE

    For the encapsulation of sensitive electronics, we develop integrated tools containing FLEx LT and PiXDRO JETx tools.

    Inhouse developed ion sources ranging from 40 mm to 2,000 mm beam dimension


    Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) sources are the standard sources for most ion beam equipment

    Wafers with the highest surface quality

    DS 261

    The first-class surface of the wafers, as well as best warp and TTV values, make the DS 261 one of the leading wire saw.

    High flexibility and precision

    DS 265 DW

    This version of the DS 265 has been developed especially for sapphire applications. It works exclusively with diamond wire.

    Wire saw for hard and brittle materials

    DW 288 Sapphire

    Our detailed technology and process know-how can be transferred from silicon to ceramics, glass or sapphire crystals.

    High plasma density and high homogeneity

    ECR Serie

    Patented electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) plasma sources

    Automation & Software
    Production control

    FabEagle DES

    Adapted basic functions of our FabEagle® espcially for R&D useres in laboratories or testing facilities.

    Automation & Software
    Production Line Control

    FabEagle LC

    FabEagle®LC is a modular system software for complete line control solutions for your production line.

    Automation & Software
    Equipment Integration

    FabEagle Link

    Software solution for the integration of process equipment, handling systems and metering equipment in the production IT.

    Automation & Software
    Manufacturing Execution Systems

    FabEagle MES

    Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) FabEagle®MES provides all functions for a comfortable, scalable production control.