Printed Electronic

Industrial inkjet printers are exceptionally well-suited for the application of electronic components and structures to thin, sensitive substrates.

Printed electronics is an innovative niche area of the electronics industry. Printed electronics means that the electronic functional materials are printed on a substrate in liquid or paste form. The advantages of printed electronics over conventional electronics are the minimal thickness and the flexibility of the electronic components.

  • We supply the printed electronics industry with equipment for coating and printing.
  • In the coating area, Meyer Burger provides plasma-based solutions as well as “roll-to-roll” and “sheet-to-sheet” solutions based on atomic layer deposition.
  • In the print area, Meyer Burger offers custom-designed inkjet printers for R&D applications and for volume production, as well as hybrid electronic manufacturing systems.  


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Our products

Hybrid Electronics Production


The core of our hybrid electronics production tools consists of inkjet printing tools and pick-and-place and micro-assembly tools.

Thin Film Encapsulation


For the encapsulation of sensitive electronics, we develop integrated tools containing FLEx LT and PiXDRO JETx tools.

PECVD coating & stripping equipment


The FLEx LT is a thermal plasma-based PECVD piece of R&D equipment for the deposition of thin and thick S2S films for various applications like...

Advanced industrial inkjet printer


The PiXDRO IP410 is the most advanced industrial inkjet printer for functional printing applications. It is designed for process development and ...

Advanced Inkjet Printing Production platform


Customer specific inkjet printing tools for optimum throughput, cost of ownership, product quality and reliability in 24/7 operation

Advanced research inkjet printer


The PiXDRO LP50 is designed for research and development of inkjet processes and applications as well as evaluation and development of inkjet mat ...