Deposition of thin coatings on flat as well as 3-dimensional substrate surfaces to produce individual coatings and complex multilayer coatings.

The ion beam deposition process (IBD) is currently one of the most important of the ion beam processes. Here, the Meyer Burger systems utilize low pressure processes for deposition and also stand out through an ingenious component configuration as well as ease of operation and maintenance. Secondary particles are emitted from a sputter target by means of an ion beam source and deposited as a thin coating on a substrate using a geometric arrangement designed for the process.

These coatings may be deposited on both flat as well as 3-dimensional substrate surfaces. Here, the use of a target drum enables both the deposition of individual coatings as well as the production of complex multilayer coatings with different coating materials.

Beginning with the process pressure – lower by around 2 orders of magnitude - and the spatial separation of the ion generation and surface process, the beam process makes for incomparably clean conditions. Thanks to defined ion energy, configurable component arrangement and the resulting adjustable angle conditions, complex and sophisticated processes can be controlled better than with competitive processes.

With its many years of experience, Meyer Burger is able to call on diverse standard processes and system concepts, and to develop and offer solutions for customer-specific process requirements. Customers from industry and the research sector are thus able to enjoy user-friendly processes with comprehensive process control.


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