First energy self-sufficient apartment building

The Umwelt Arena (Environment Arena) in Brütten (ZH) has realized the first energy self-sufficient apartment building to be built with no connection to the power grid or external sources of energy – a world first.

For the building contractors, however, the focus was not only on energy self-sufficiency, but also on the aesthetics. Installed on the 527 m2 roof of the apartment building is a homogenous, roof-integrated Meyer Burger MegaSlate® solar system. Together with the photovoltaic facade consisting of thin-film cells, the roof-integrated solar system supplies around 92,000 kWh of electricity a year. The solar energy is utilized directly in the building as well as for electromobility. In the short term, excess energy is stored using batteries and in the long term by means of a power-to-gas system.

The fact that the choice of the solar system for this superlative project fell on our MegaSlate® system is a testament to our pioneering role in terms of performance and aesthetics.