JT Laminator Line


The modular design of the JT Laminator line offers highest flexibility.

Lamination is carried out after the connection of the strings into modules. This provides the modules with the required stability and offers protection from the weather. The JT Laminator works extremely quickly and enables a high yield.

The JT Laminator can work with a variety of module layouts, whether it’s glass/glass, glass/backsheet, with or without frames, 60-cell or 72-cell modules. This brings maximum flexibility, not least because individual components can be combined with up to two process chambers and an optional cooling unit. Low maintenance ensures high uptime. Cycle times are shortened by up to 12.5%, resulting in higher output.

Your benefits:

  • Fast heat transfer leading to short tact time
  • Highest process stability for consistent module quality
  • Optimized XL process with 2 chambers
  • Short substitution times for membranes and transporting system
  • Maintenance-free heating system



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