Specialized cutting technologies

With its longtime expertis in the cutting of hard, brittle and valuable materials, combined with its experience in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry, Meyer Burger is an important supplier in future-oriented markets.

Our high-end equipment is used for example to cut saphhire crystals into bricks and wafers or to slice ceramics, galls, quartz and a variety of other hard and brittle materials. Sapphire wafers are used in light emittting diods (LED) as well as in watch glass an are now also applied in the touch screen industry.

The demand for standardised quality control as well as handling and automation systems in these industries is steadily increasing. Based on iths know-how in the photovoltaic and the sapphire fields, we already offer customized solutions which, in combination with our cutting technologies, ensure efficient control of the manufacturing process.


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Specialized Cutting Technologies

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