Solar System

Meyer Burger is actively engaged in implementing future-oriented energy strategies and realising intelligent energy systems.

Together with partners in industry, research and politics, at the trade association level and with our customers, we aim to prove that photovoltaics can contribute considerably to the future energy supply. We are proactively involved in such topics and issues as energy generation, energy storage technology and energy efficiencies.

Meyer Burger is constantly realizing new demonstration projects in the field of solar applications in Switzerland. The high-efficiency modules employed in them are always produced using Meyer Burger equipment. One of the greatest successes is the solar installation on the roof of the Migros distribution center in Schönbühl. Migros is the biggest retailer in Switzerland and also the most sustainable one in the world.

A total of 2,263 modules covering an area of 4,200 m2 are installed on the roof of the Migros distribution center. They are all joined together using Meyer Burger’s industry-leading SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT).

SmartWire Connection Technology replaces the conventional busbars with wires embedded in a carrier film. This results in a higher number of contact points for the electrons and an increase in module output. With regard to the solar cells, two different innovative Meyer Burger technologies are in use on the Migros roof. Most of the modules consist of high-efficiency cells coated with the Meyer Burger upgrade technology MB PERC, a top-selling product.

At the core of the system, however, are 500 bifacial glass/glass modules. These top-efficiency modules are made up of solar cells coated with the revolutionary Meyer Burger heterojunction technology (HJT). Heterojunction technology owes its high efficiency to the combination of benefits accruing from crystalline and amorphous cell technologies. Thanks to the glass/glass construction of the modules, solar electricity can be produced on both the front and rear.

However, it is not exclusively due to the degree of innovation in the solar products employed and the large number of modules installed that the solar system on the Migros roof stands out. Another aspect contributes to the unique nature of the project: the Migros solar system was produced by Meyer Burger using Meyer Burger equipment every step of the way along the value chain (wafers, cells, modules). Migros has therefore a local product installed on its roof.

With the gigantic Meyer Burger solar system on the roof of the Migros distribution center and the resulting clean electricity generated, Migros is making an important contribution to the energy revolution. In its project tender documentation, Migros demanded a high level of innovation and efficiency for its solar system, something that only our technologies were able to achieve. We are delighted that our flagship technologies have enabled us to play a part in helping Migros fulfill its exemplary high standards of sustainability.


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Nationally and internationally awarded

Every year, numerous building objects that are equipped with Meyer Burger’s pioneering integrated solar and hybrid systems  are awarded national and international solar prizes.