Eye-catching solar substation

Because of its special geometric form, the Steghof substation in Lucerne is an eye-catching piece of architecture. In spite of many corners which are not actually at a right angle, thanks to a number of special modules, the entire surface of the roof of the building is equipped with building-integrated MegaSlate® modules.

Installed in the best possible way, the solar system supplies energy which is used for kitchen systems, ventilation and transformers, and provides part of the city with medium level voltage. The photovoltaic system measuring 617 m2 which produces more than 65,000 kWh of energy a year covers 34% of the substation’s entire energy requirements.

The solar energy system on the roof of the Steghof substation beautifully shows that our MegaSlate® solar systems can be aesthetically pleasing when installed onto absolutely any kind of roof.