Wafer Inspection

Measurement technologies are indispensable for the manufacture of high quality solar products. A wafer inspection system checks the quality of the individual silicon wafers. This enables microcracks, material or surface defects in the silicon wafer to be identified and the conductivity measured.

Photovoltaic solar wafer inspection system

Wafer inspection process

After the slicing process, the wafers are separated using a fully-automated wafer handling system. The wafers are then transported from separation through final cleaning to final inspection in such a way as to guard against stress and breakage.

A fully automated inspection system provides empirical data on the wafer geometry, possible material or surface damage, conductivity and service life expectancy.

Our wafer inspection system

Meyer Burger’s inspection system for silicon wafers provides reliable results. The system tests them for quality and performance at a high throughput rate.

Benefits of wafer inspection

  • Identification of the most minute microcracks and material damage
  • Classification of the conductivity of each wafer
  • Automated quality control and sorting process
  • Measurement of various parameters such as thickness, edges, saw marks, conductivity and service life expectancy
  • Modular design for integration in a solar module production line

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