PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology is the standard state-of-the-art solar cell technology today. PERC technology is driven by Meyer Burger’s highly versatile customizable solutions MAiA®, DiVA® and FABiA®.

Solar cell PERC Technology

PERC Solar Cells

15 years of continuous improvement guarantee a high return on investment. Proven modular product platforms ensure high efficiency cells. The PERx modular cell coating equipment platform is tailored to meet customers’ requirements.

Meyer Burger develops and manufactures vanguard PV equipment qualified for PERC, PERx, p-type and n-type cell concepts. Our equipment is suitable for mono- and multi-crystalline wafers, for mono- and bifacial cells. Mono-crystalline PERC cells reach an efficiency of > 22%, which means an efficiency gain of ≥ 1% and an increase in module power of 15 W.

Integrated tools reduce cell production complexity through full process automation. They maximize overall machine uptime and yield. PERC provides highly competitive LCOE. Versatile deposition layers and adaptable numbers of plasma sources enable customized layer thickness.

Proven PERC baseline recipes for individual processes are defined and optimized during machine ramp-up at the pilot line at Meyer Burger (Germany) GmbH. This decreases on-site ramp-up time and reduces cots. The advanced deposition interface and no vacuum breakage combine to maximize uptime and provide both improved cell passivation and increased equipment reliability.

Benefits of PERC solar cells manufacturing:

  • Qualified manufacturing processes
  • Process optimization during ramp-up
  • Advanced deposition interface
  • Global service partner for integrated system solutions
  • Services along entire system lifecycle

PDF: Factsheet PERC and TOPCon

PDF: Brochure PERx

Multiple process steps for PERC cell production integrated into single piece of equipment

PERC cell line integrates two or three process steps. By incorporating DiVA 6.1, MAiA 6.1 and FABiA 6.1 tools, Meyer Burger integrates multiple proven process steps into a single piece of equipment. Throughput and manufacturing yield are increased.

PERx rear passivation technologies

Along with industry-leading PERC technology, Meyer Burger offers PERx technology developed together with recognized research institutes based on industry-proven PERT and PERL equipment. Technological evolution of new cell production line ensures future-proof cells and drives upcoming technologies.^

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