Diamond Wire Slicing

Wafering involves slicing the silicon brick into razor-thin solar wafers by means of a multiple-wire saw. Here, diamond wire technology achieves the best results. The water-based slicing process is more efficient and the material losses are lower than with the slurry-process.

Meyer Burger Diamond wire technology

Diamond Wire Slicing Process

With the introduction of the Diamond Wire Management System (DMWS), diamond wire revolutionized wafering technology. Today, diamond wire is the slicing technology employed by the majority of photovoltaic wafer manufacturers.

With diamond wire slicing, the abrasive grains are permanently bonded to the wire. This technology is also known by the name fixed abrasive wafering (FAW). Here, the diamond-coated wire is stretched over rollers to form a wire web. Using this method, dozens of wafers can be cleanly sliced in record time.


Divestment of wafering business to Precision Surfacing Solutions

Meyer Burger has concluded the divestment of its photovoltaic and specialized materials wafering equipment and service business to Precision Surfacing Solutions (PSS).

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