Industrial Microwave and Plasma Systems

Industrial microwave and plasma technologies have applications in the photovoltaic and semiconductor area as well as in medical technology and environmental technology.

Industrial plasma technologies

Microwave and Plasma Systems in the Industry

Microwave-based heating and drying processes are of great importance in industrial production. Thanks to the great penetration depth of microwaves, the heat energy can be delivered directly into the material to be heated.

Microwave applications are to be found in the rubber and wood industry, the foodstuffs industry as well as pharmaceutics, medical technology, and the glass and ceramics industry. In the photovoltaics industry, microwave systems are employed to generate plasma for coating the solar cells.

Scalable plasma technologies are employed for the manufacture of flat screens (OLED) and for the semiconductor industry. Remote plasma sources (RPS) are used for the semiconductor sector and the microelectromechanical markets (MEMS).

Our Plasma and Microwave Systems

Meyer Burger’s subsidiary Muegge GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of plasma source technologies and systems for industrial microwave heating. The portfolio encompasses microwave generators and components as well as plasma systems for a wide range of applications.

You can find further information on microwave and plasma technology at Muegge GmbH in Reichelsheim.