Specialized cutting technologies

With its longtime expertise in the cutting of hard, brittle and valuable materials, combined with its experience in the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry, Meyer Burger is an important supplier in future-oriented markets.

Our high-end equipment is used among other things for processing sapphire crystals into bricks and wafers or slicing ceramics, glasses, quartzes and a host of other hard and brittle materials. Sapphire wafers are used in light emittting diods (LED) as well as in watch glass an are now also applied in the touch screen industry.

The products sliced with our machines are used as substrates for semiconductors (processors, LEDs), in optical applications as well as in motors (magnets).

The demand for standardised quality control as well as handling and automation systems in these industries is steadily increasing. Based on our know-how in the photovoltaic and the sapphire fields, we already offer customized solutions which, in combination with our cutting technologies, ensure efficient control of the manufacturing process.

Our portfolio extends from systems for laboratory and small scale manufacturing up to machines for very high-volume outputs in 3-shift operation. Our top-class diamond wire and cutting fluids together with our regrooving service ensure your ability to produce at the lowest possible costs.

Single Wire Slicing / Cropping

Single wire saws are ideally suited for separating and cutting to length of workpieces. They are extremely flexible in use in terms of the type and dimension of materials. The cutting processes can be precisely tailored to the material. This, in combination with diamond wire, enables optimum processes to be achieved.

Multi Wire Slicing / Wafering

Meyer Burger is the market leader in the development and construction of multiple wire saws. The technology enables thin wafers to be produced in large quantities with the maximum possible precision.

The high-efficiency diamond wire saws can be used with ultra-thin wires. They enable our customers to enjoy significant cost savings and competitive advantages.


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