Thin Film Encapsulation

For the encapsulation of sensitive electronics, we develop integrated tools containing FLEx LT and PiXDRO JETx tools.

For thin film encapsulation of sensitive electronics like OLEDs and thin film photovoltaic devices, we develop integrated tools containing a FLEx LT PECVD tool depositing an inorganic barrier coating and an PiXDRO JETx inkjet printer for  an organic planarization step. The complete tool is enclosed to guarantee very low concentration of water, oxygen and particles. Substrate transfer is fully automated to avoid any contact and damage to the devices.

The tool is based on a modular concept and can be adapted to different substrate sizes, can be extended with more tool stations and can be connected directly to a production line. 

Your benefits:

  • Fully integrated and automated solution for deposition of inorganic and organic barrier materials, reaching WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rates) of 10-6 g/m2/day
  • Patterned PECVD coating without mechanical masking
  • Barrier layer with excellent optical properties, compatible with very thin substrates
  • Inorganic material is deposited with high conformity and no impact on sensitive organic electronics
  • Organic material planarizes substrate and encapsulates particles


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