SmartWire Connection Technology

SWCT is the most cost-effective method of connecting cells. It employs a foil-wire electrode instead of the conventional cell connectors (ribbons). This results in significant improvements in efficiency while reducing the negative effects of possible micro-cracks to a minimum.

Meyer Burger SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT)
  • Higher output in the module
    Thanks to the dense contact matrix, the solar cells exhibit a significantly higher efficiency. In comparison to conventional 3-busbar technology, SWCT delivers an increased performance yield of 6% for solar cells thanks to encapsulation in the module.
  • Less silver in cell production
    Cells without busbars require up to 80% less silver.
  • Reliable modules with higher energy yield
    Our modules have passed extended IEC- and UL certification tests successful.
    Bificial modules with SmartWire Connection Technology shows an increased energy yield in terms of kWh/Wp under real outdoor conditions.
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  • Combination for high performance
    Heterojunction cells combined with the SmartWire Connection Technology have achieved module efficiencies of more than 20%. In combination with new-module designs (e.g. glass/glass modules) this results in essential lower energy costs ($/kWh).

PDF: Factsheet SWCT


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