Solar modules for Commercial Roofs with Highest yields

Thousands of roofs in Germany are unused. Thanks to photovoltaics, your roof surface becomes a power plant that supplies your company with electricity. When it comes to saving energy costs, every kWh counts. Do not give away any power and rely on the most advanced photovoltaic technology.

The profitability of a photovoltaic system depends mainly on the efficiency of the solar cells and their interconnection. The costs of frame, glass and installation are the same for almost all solar modules. Meyer Burger solar cells have the highly efficient heterojunction structure and use the exclusive SmartWire Connection Technology. This leads to a particularly high module efficiency, which has a direct impact on the cost efficiency of the entire system.

Unique technologies and manufacturing processes

Thanks to our unique technologies and manufacturing processes, it is possible to generate up to 20% more energy in the same area than with comparable standard solar modules.

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