Creating Champions

With an undisputable power of innovation Meyer Burger drives the photovoltaic technological advancements, delivering field proven PV equipment ready for GW-scale fabs.

The winning combination of our vanguard product portfolio and technical expertise, PV industry knowledge and local market presence supports you in delivering best LCOE for top PV cell efficiency.

Visit us at SNEC 2019 in Shanghai (Hall N3 Booth 510) and learn how to become a truly PV champion.

Fabia® 6.1 – Leading PERC Technology Platform

The unique deposition tool FABiA® is qualified for PERC, PERx p-type and n-type cell concepts as well as mono and multi crystalline wafers. It combines all benefits of our industry leading SiNA® and MAiA® modular platforms into one single equipment.

FABiA® 6.1 is the only 3in1 tool for high throughput PERC cell deposition with >6,000 wph.

Advantages of FABiA® 6.1:

  • Only 3in1 system for front and rear SiN and AIOx deposition
  • 50% lower footprint than single step equipment (saves ~1,000 m² per GW)
  • Lower production costs compared to ALD + Front and Rear Tube PECVD
    • -30% gas
    • -50% electricity
    • -67% lab
  • Highest Throughput of 6,350 w/h
  • Highest yield of 98% in mass production
  • Better efficiency due to less handling and contamination

TOPCon – the next upgrade technology beyond PERC

The TOPcon or monoPoly® technology is a cost-effective integration of 'passivated contacts' in both p-type and n-type silicon solar cells. It can boost photovoltaic solar cell efficiencies to 23% in mass production. In partnership with SERIS (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore), we have developed the monoPolyTM process with PECVD.

Features of TOPCon / monoPolyTM technology by Meyer Burger:

  • 15 process steps in only 8 tools
  • In best case only 2 upgrade tools plus minor modifications for existing PERC/PERT production lines
  • 5 core processes in only 2 tools (CAiA® 2in1 and FABiA® 3in1) > saves footprint and production costs
  • Suitable to SmartWire Connection Technology SWCTTM to reduce silver and CTM

Taking the lead through technology

Our experts are excited to introduce you to our outstanding innovations on the Heterojunction and SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCTTM).

On this occasion, Meyer Burger proudly unveils its newest high-performance heterojunction solar module manufactured on the best-in-class stringer, incorporating SmartWire Connection Technology.

This achievement highlights our innovation and performance potential for future PV applications.