Service maintenance & repair

Maintenance & Repair

Service locations with highly skilled Service engineers close to customer site to minimize downtime period.

  • Regular Preventive Maintenance cycles to avoid unscheduled downtime
  • Hotline & Online support for fast and efficient Service reaction
  • On request: Customer-dedicated onsite Service engineer
  • Guaranteed reaction times within Service Level Agreement to minimize machine downtime

Fast, efficient and proactive service minimizes your downtime

Using the Premium Customer Care program may reduce the mean time to repair by 65%. By improving uptime and yield, revenue growth and cost reduction can be achieved.

Standard Program

  • Defined minimum volume for parts purchase
  • Price incentive on volume
  • Privileged availability of Meyer Burger local parts stock

Advanced Support

  • 24/7 response time of Hotline
  • Guaranteed remote support and engineer response time
  • Regular site visit and health check
  • Combinable with parts programs and repair & overhaul

Premium Customer Care

  • Onsite engineers for production / maintenance support and process optimization
  • 24/7 response time of onsite engineers, backup by Hotline and remote support
  • Uptime optimization
  • Combinable with parts programs and repair & overhaul
  • Spares management and consignment stock available