Xaar Printhead

Printhead with ink recirculation

For printing particle inks on PiXDRO inkjet printers

The PiXDRO LP50 represents a unique combination of technologies from Meyer Burger and Xaar. It provides an R&D inkjet printing platform that enables fluid developers and OEMs working in a variety of application areas to incorporate Xaar’s piezo inkjet technology.

The LP50 is compatible with many Xaar printheads, electronics and ink delivery systems. Its precise fluid control – essential for functional printing – is due to highly accurate drop placement, consistent drop volume and high frequency jetting with variable drop size capability.

Whether for validating fluids in labs or for boosting manufacturing capacity, the LP50 platform is a flexible, easy-to-use inkjet printing solution suitable for applications such as printed electronics, photovoltaics, OLEDs and biomedical. Transfer of settings to PiXDRO JETx production equipment ensures scalability.

Your benefits:

  • Suitable for heavily filled nanoparticle inks that require recirculating ink supply
  • Completely integrated solution that can be controlled via printer’s user interface
  • Ink recirculation system designed for small ink volumes
  • Standalone recirculation system allows continuous ink flow, also when not printing
  • Accurate ink pressure control

Main features and options

  • Module contains a printhead assembly, drive electronics, user interface software and Xaar Midas recirculating ink supply system
  • Compatible with Xaar 1003 printhead (other printheads optionally on request)
  • Printhead heating with temperature control between 20 and 40°C
  • Compatible with PiXDRO LP50 and PiXDRO IP410 systems


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