Cell tester

Developed to attain grid parity for highest-accuracy measurement of cell performance.

SpotLIGHT is a new generation cell tester that addresses the market need to measure standard or high efficiency cells as well as heterojunction technology with the highest accuracy whilst lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.

SpotLIGHT was designed to minimize maintenance and to significantly reduce downtime. The lifecycle of its contacting system is longer than that of standard systems currently available on the market, thus substantially reducing TCO.

The optical design of the machine is based on Meyer Burger’s well-established HighLIGHT module tester, ensuring a high-quality A+A+A+ light source combined with a long pulse solution. This offers customers the most accurate measurement on the market today, for any cell technology – including PERC, n-type or HJT.

A novel measurement process, adapted to each cell technology and including automated autosetting and calibration, simplifies machine operation, increases measurement reliability and reduces operator errors.

Benefits for SpotLIGHT cell tester:

  • Cost-efficient cell testing solution for reliable measurement with reduced maintenance
  • Innovative light source enabling accurate measurement of any cell technology (including capacitive cells)
  • Accurate A+A+A+ light source with high tube lifetime (1 million)
  • Versatile patented contacting systems with high reliability
  • High reproducibility of measurements
  • Short cycle time for optimal integration into production lines

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