Railway Technology

Control systems & software solutions

Intelligent automation solutions for rail transport are needed to meet the goal of transferring transport from road to rail.

The demand for short transit times of freight trains in marshalling yards in particular and the high marshalling quality are creating new requirements for the automation of marshalling yards.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, we offer our customers software and hardware solutions for control and automatic sequencing in marshalling yards. In addition, we apply our experience in automation and information technology services to rail technology, in particular in the area of software development and database application. Our services and solutions include all project phases from determining the project specification to the project implementation, the EBA authorization, commissioning and maintenance.

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Control of shunting facilities as part of shunting control systems of marshalling yards

Complex automation demands are made in the context of modernizing existing or implementing new sequence control systems. Essential components here are automatic speed regulation and braking control, areas in which we have been offering our customers system solutions for more than 20 years.

For our costumers we develop:

  • Software and hardware solutions for brake controls in gravity shunting plants
  • Coupling of speed regulation with a travel controller using a controller interface compliant to DIN EN 50159 (safety procedure)
  • Control system for coupling alignment equipment
  • PVG coupling
  • Cross-system design and integration strategies through use of UML-based description and implementation

The main elements of our systems for automatic marshalling yards are:

  • PC-based operation and visualization stations for operating the yard units (brakes, coupling alignment device, ...), entering of marshalling sequence, etc.
  • Online data acquisition and evaluation system
  • Maintenance system
  • Parameterizing system for sequence control and operation of yard units
  • Real-time control using industrial microcomputer systems
  • Simulation system
  • Linkage to dispatch systems

Innovative control concepts – intelligent and certified controls for traffic engineering

We develop controls to meet a wide variety of requirements based on customer needs. We use the following proven control platforms:

  • SIMATIC S7 programmable universal controllers from Siemens AG
  • Industrial PCs for operation and monitoring
  • For complex systems we use UML-based design tools which support specification, design and code generation

Development takes place in observance of the corresponding standards. As part of implementation, expert opinions are gathered and approval for the controllers applied for.

System integration

We provide the coupling to gravity shunting control systems and intelligent sub-systems that are based on approved interfaces. A PVG bridge is available for the connection to higher-order disposition systems. Train splitting data from the central disposition system is transferred to the automation system of the shunting plant via the PVG bridge, reporting back the result of the train splitting to the disposition system.

Maintenance based in actual utilization helps to save costs

Unscheduled downtimes cause high costs, in which poorly maintained systems cannot assure quality, wherein the expensive management of maintenance tasks greatly hinders human resources and distracts them from undertaking more efficient operations. Maintenance scheduling based on measured technical events - such as actual operating times, switching operations, production capacity, etc. - can significantly optimize maintenance, since only the technically needed work is conducted. Here we offer maintenance systems which are connected online to the control systems and thus receive the necessary information for automatically generating the maintenance jobs.

Data evaluation – operating and equipment data logging

A consequent online data logging along with the analysis of such data is a prerequisite for ensuring a continual improvement process. Our solutions for equipment data logging provide a comprehensive overview on the condition of the equipment items and are the basis for the detection of possible improvement potentials.

Effective paths for the approval of our system solutions

Every safety-relevant system used by the Deutsche Bahn AG must be approved by the Federal Railway Authority. We offer our customers everything needed for ensuring the approval of our solutions:

  • Creation of requirement and functional specifications in close cooperation with external experts
  • Use of UML technology for system description and specification
  • Support for approval/certification by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA)
  • System and application software development according to the recognized norms DIN EN 50128, DIN EN 50129 and DIN EN 61508
  • GAMP (Validation norm)
  • Testing, commissioning and acceptance of the software systems
  • System maintenance/servicing at the system user's location
  • Competent and comprehensive consulting