Inkjet printer for PCB manufacturing

PiXDRO JETx SMP is at the heart of the technology revolution in solder mask application.

The award winning novel inkjet-printed solder mask solution for PCBs enables drop-on-demand inkjet printing. The advantages of inkjet-based manufacturing are significant. It avoids costly photo processes, which typically include resist coating, exposure and development steps.

Inkjet printing considerably reduces capital equipment investments, associated labor, floor space, chemicals usage and related handling and disposal costs. Because inkjet is digital and additive, it is highly flexible, thus minimizing manufacturing turn-around time.

Your benefits:

  • Additive and cost-effective solder mask deposition, eliminating photo processes
  • High flexibility with digital patterning
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing chemicals and waste
  • High resolution and registration accuracy
  • No missing dams, improving yield
  • No solder mask in holes and vias

Interview: Selective Solder Mask Deposition by Inkjet

Sales Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V.

+31 (0) 40 2581 581

Main features and options

  • Industry-proven functional inkjet printing technology
  • Multi-head arrays for high volume production
  • Multiple fiducial alignment for accurate registration
  • Integrated UV curing for tack-free processing
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Compatible with all commercially available inkjet solder mask materials


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