Module inspection system

The Module Inspection System is a flatbed flasher that is entirely based on LED lighting technology.

The new module tester delivers A+A+A+ results and reduces operating costs thanks to cost-effective and long-lasting LED technology. It can be seamlessly integrated into any existing line, with long or short side opening.

The system offers entirely new measuring options, including the inspection of bifacial solar modules. The module tester can boast TÜV tested A+A+A+ quality, a throughput speed of up to 240 modules per hour, a flash duration of 100ms, as well as extremely low total cost of ownership as there are no fluorescent tubes to be replaced.

The MIS – controlled by user-friendly ProLIGHT software – can easily be integrated into existing lines.

Benefits of MIS module inspection system:

  • Significant spare part savings, no light tubes needed
  • Higher productivity (4 Module per Minute)
  • Accurate measuring of new module technology
  • Easy to implement in existing lines
  • High investment safety: Almost no change of measurement results after 1 year of flashing without any break (1 flash every 15 seconds 24/7)
  • Easy to connect with Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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