KM 1024i + UV Printhead Assembly

UV LED module

Precise printing and curing in one process step

The KM1024i printhead with Phoseon UV LED curing module is an optional feature for the PiXDRO LP50 and IP410 inkjet printers.

The UV LED module is integrated in the printhead assembly, mounted next to the printhead, enabling precise printing and curing in one movement. It gives users high flexibility and control in tuning their processes.

The KM1024i printhead family provides reliable high frequency, high resolution printing in a compact design. Every printhead has 1024 nozzles with tunable drop sizes, nominal at 6, 14 or 32 pL.

The Phoseon Fireline FL200 light sources are water-cooled UV LED modules, delivering superior UV curing performance and stability, with a choice of wavelengths at 365, 385, 395 or 405 nm.

Your benefits:

  • Printing and curing in one movement for high process control and accuracy
  • Excellent consistency regarding drop angle deviation, velocity and volume
  • Suitable for UV, water-based, solvent, ceramic or nano-particle inks
  • Choice of water-cooled Phoseon UV LED sources, with wavelengths at 365, 385, 395 or 405 nm
  • Adjustable UV power up to 20 W/cm2, controllable via the printer’s user interface

Main features and options

  • Print Head Assembly (PHA) interface for LP50 and IP410 inkjet printers, and for JS20 storage station
  • Supports all KM1024i printheads with configurable waveform
  • Available with built-in electrical ink heater
  • Curing dose calculation for UV intensity parameter
  • Integrated water chiller for UV LED cooling, or external water cooling supply
  • Anti-reflective features to eliminate UV reflection on printhead and other components


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