Stringer for SmartWire cell connection

SmartWire cell connection (SWCT) with the compact Ibex stringer

The Ibex stringer connects efficiently and precisely solar cells using a foil wire electrode. Ibex requires little space for integration into module lines and enables the serial production of solar modules with highest energy yield.

Its very high output and short cycle times make the Ibex stringer extremely efficient. This outstanding performance has been made possible by the patented, vacuum-free handling system and the cell storage.

The camera-based detection system is another innovation. It guarantees high yield and impeccable quality by continuously evaluating the cells and automatically removing any faulty ones.

Due to its compact design, Ibex allows for particularly space-saving automation.

Benefits fo IBEX stringer for solar cell connection:

  • High output of 2,500 cells per hour (gross)
  • Breakage rate < 0.2 %
  • Numerous possibilities for automation
  • Very small space requirement

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