Fujifilm Dimatix Cartridge (DMC)

Disposable cartridge for PiXDRO LP50 / PiXDRO IP410

Low-cost testing without compromise

The DMC module is upgradable on PiXDRO LP50 and PiXDRO IP410 systems with software version 4.3.1 and higher.

The optional PiXDRO DMC module is completely integrated and can be controlled via the printer’s user interface software just like other heads. It is compatible with all available disposable cartridges for 1 and 10 pL drop sizes.

Main DMC cartridge specifications:

  • 16 nozzles, 254 μm nozzle pitch, single row, 1.5 ml ink capacity
  • Compatible with all available DMC cartridges (DMC-11601, DMC-11610, DMCLCP-11601, DMCLCP-11610)

Your benefits:

  • Versatile waveform control for multi-pulse waveforms
  • Direct access to jetting parameters
  • Individual nozzle enable/disable
  • Ink tank lighting for easy readout of ink level
  • Heated printhead with temperature control up to 60°C
  • Accurate printhead rotation
  • Easy, fast and accurate changeover between printheads and inks
  • Compatible with Advanced Drop Analysis (ADA)


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