Three deposition processes in a single piece of equipment

FABiA® 6.1 now incorporates PERC benefits and proven SiNA® and MAiA® features in a single tool.

FABiA® is ideally suited to new PERx cell production lines. FABiA® stands out for its versatile, customizable modules and for deposition processes at lowest OPEX. Deposition of various dielectric layers guarantees future-proof cells.

FABiA® combines AlOx/SiN (rear) and SiN (front) deposition in a single machine with the best footprint on the market. Only 4 FABiA® 6.1 units are required for 1 GW. That means a 50% smaller footprint compared to single process equipment.

FABiA® is qualified for PERC, PERx, p-type and n-type cell concepts, for mono- and multicrystalline wafers. It ensures efficiency for monocrystalline wafers of > 22% in mass production.

Proven PERC baseline recipes are supported and optimized during machine ramp-up. The integrated tool reduces cell production complexity through full process automation.

Benefits of FABiA for PERC cell coating:

  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • 3 processes integrated in a single piece of equipment
  • Best footprint, saving 1,000 m2 floor space per 1 GW
  • Highest cell and module profitability
  • Throughput 6,350 wph
  • Lifetime service

Modular design

The flexible modular system allows for future upgrades. FABiA stands out for its unbeatable footprint utilization, boasting the best footprint on the market.

The system consists of several processing modules joined via buffer modules. The deposition processes are thus carried out successively in a single piece of equipment. Each unit is configured for a specific application. The system can be configured for various customized coating processes.

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