FabEagle PQMS

Process and Quality Management System

FabEagle®PQMS is a fully integrated SCADA System with pre-built equipment interfaces for PV02.

Make your laboratory more efficient and prepare the first step for volume manufacturing. Real-time data of your manufacturing process enables the user to react immediately and effectively and to increase the yield and optimize machine utilization.

Active control and WIP tracking is part of FabEagle®MES and can be the next step to full automation of your PV manufacturing line. With FabEagle®PQMS, innovation cycles can be faster implemented, resulting in a faster amortisation of the equipment of Meyer Burger or other manufacturers.

Your benefits

  • Plug and play software solution for equipment and process data acquisition and storage
  • Standardized interface technologies for all equipments of the Meyer Burger Group and seamless integration possibilities for other types of equipment
  • Flexibly extendible reporting engine included with pre-defined reports to optimize equipment utilization
  • Approved FabEagle®MES core system with the possibility to extend to complete MES
  • Extensibility to a factory-wide data acquisition solution by connecting third-party equipment

Fast Installation for Meyer Burger and other machines

Simplified equipment integration thanks to seamless integration possibilities into your existing IT infrastructure. FabEagle®PQMS uses an open and fully documented database to implement simple further developments. The web-based user interface using Microsoft technologies supports full visualization of your equipment performance reports in real time throughout your manufacturing line.

FabEagle®PQMS connects to all Meyer Burger machines using a real-time high-performance data transfer structure and can be linked to other equipment by configuration. Peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, RFID stations, label or laser printers can be easily integrated, too.

ROI Analysis

Current installations show an increase in yield of 0.2%, which can add up to a ROI of 6 months or less for a 100 MW production line.

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