Automated Print Optimization

Optional software module

Software package to quickly define the optimal print settings

Automated Print Optimization (APO) is an optional software module for the PiXDRO LP50 and IP410 inkjet printers that enables quick and effective definition of the optimal print settings.

APO software is designed for process developers who want to investigate various ink materials and substrates, and who need to define the best print settings to achieve their goals. APO unlocks the full potential of the printer by providing quick access to the various advanced print strategies. 

The automated print routine generates a matrix of patterns on a substrate based on the variation of pre-selected input parameters, enabling operators to rapidly find the optimal settings for their application.

Benefits of Automated Print Optimization

  • Enables the highest possible print quality
  • Allows fast and effective print quality analysis
  • Runs independently, allowing more analysis time
  • Automatic variations of all available parameters
  • Results are directly visible for inspection

Main features

  • Supports all printheads and parameters
  • Matches print and waveform settings with required layer properties
  • Optimizes drop flow behavior
  • Simulates nozzle failures in different masking strategies
  • Monitors process stability over time
  • User-friendly reporting format


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