Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer

Software package

For conversion to inkjet printable format

The Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer for PiXDRO inkjet printers enables conversion of Gerber files to an inkjet bitmap format. The software package supports the printing of masking layers, interconnection circuits, encapsulation coatings and many other applications.

Typically, the conversion of a vector (Gerber) file to a bitmap print file can cause rounding and pixelization errors. The Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer minimizes these errors, and can conserve the minimum feature sizes of the original design. The software package is specifically designed for LP50, IP410 and JETx inkjet printers.

Example of an vector to bitmap error

Your benefits:

  • Specifically designed for PiXDRO inkjet printers, based on extensive functional inkjet experience
  • State-of-the-art Gerber RIP
  • Extremely fast and robust, enabling on-the-fly file conversion
  • Precise, high resolution conversion
  • User-friendly interface

Gerber Image Work Flow

Main features and options

  • Droplet Size Compensation: prevents lines from becoming too wide, and gaps from becoming too small
  • Ink Coverage Control: controls the ink density along the print periphery and within the interior
  • Narrow Line Recovery: narrow lines with dimensions close to the dropsize could disappear during Gerber file conversion, but will be recovered by this function
  • Expert Mode: all commands and options are accessible in the print recipe
  • Independent X-Y DPI: can apply different resolutions for the X and Y axes


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