Advanced Drop Analysis


Automated drop formation research and quality monitoring

Advanced Drop Analysis (ADA) is an optional software utility for the PiXDROLP50 and IP410 inkjet printers that enables fully automated multi-dimensional research of ink drop formation.

This feature allows fast and efficient optimization of jetting performance for specific inks and printheads in order to achieve best printing results on the substrate given. Once an optimal waveform is created, Advanced Drop Analysis also enables that waveform to be validated for different nozzles, printheads and batches of ink, to provide process tracking over time.

ADA makes use of the integrated high-speed dropview camera to analyze drop formation, while varying the jetting settings. The effect of each setting is then visually presented, and the results can be exported to specific printing recipes.

Your benefits:

  • Automatic and advanced experiment sequencing
  • Varying waveform, ink pressure and temperature for optimized drop formation and print results
  • Control of long-term stability and nozzle-to-nozzle variation
  • Visual and quantitative analysis of drop formation, angle, speed and size

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