Proven technologies and services for standard solar cells

The PERC technology (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) established by Meyer Burger in the global photovoltaics market represents the mainstream standard in solar cell production today. Meyer Burger offers its customers modular coating systems for the production of PERC solar cells.

Meyer Burger systems for PERC and PERx concepts are suitable for mono- and multicrystalline wafers as well as for mono- and bifacial cells. Monocrystalline PERC cells produced with Meyer Burger systems achieve an efficiency of > 22%, which corresponds to an increase of ≥ 1% and a module output increase of 15 W.

Several process steps in a single PERC coating system

Meyer Burger's modular coating systems integrate several process steps within a single system, thus ensuring hicher throughput and higher yields.

PERC Equipment, Upgrades, Service

Based on its modular system concept, Meyer Burger offers all customers suitable systems in the MAiA®, FABiA® and DiVA® configurations. In addition, Meyer Burger offers various upgrades to enhance the performance of existing systems and comprehensive service.