Equipment for PERC cell coating

MAiA® uses high efficiency PERC technology to coat wafers. Newest developments enable upgrades to MAiA® 6.1.

MAiA® 6.1 guarantees high ROI with its modular concept. Integrated rear AlOx/SiN passivation simplifies cell manufacturing through full process automation.

MAiA® is qualified for PERC and PERT cell concepts, for mono- and multicrystalline wafers. Coating up to 6,000 wafers per hour is possible.

With over 30 GW equipment installed worldwide, MAiA® delivers the benefits of a proven industrialized solution. The MAiA® platform offers versatile deposition layers and adaptable numbers of plasma sources to customize layer thickness.

It ensures efficiency for monocrystalline wafers of > 22% in mass production. Through optimized processes, MAiA® 6.1 reduces TMA and electricity consumption, and minimizes the manpower required throughout its lifecycle.

Proven PERC baseline recipes are supported and optimized during machine ramp-up.

Your benefits:

  • Two modular processes integrated into a single piece of equipment
  • Lowest cost of ownership, with significant reduction in operating cost
  • Best footprint utilization, with a 30% smaller footprint compared to single process equipment
  • Throughput up to 6,000 wph
  • Highest mechanical yield due to minimized wafer handling
  • Maximized uptime with world-class customer support
  • Comprehensive upgrade strategy


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Modular design

The MAiA® modular system consists of several processing modules joined via buffer modules. Several processes are thus carried out successively in a single piece of equipment. Each unit is configured for a specific application.

The system can be configured for various customized coating processes. It is also suitable for carrying out plasma etching processes.


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