Heterojunction Cell Line

Latest-generation integrated cell line

Heterojunction (HJT) is a highly efficient technology for coating solar wafers.

Heterojunction technology works with n-type wafers and combines the advantages of crystalline silicon solar cells with the superb absorption and passivation properties of amorphous silicon – already well established in thin-film technology.

In an integrated process, the HJT cell is produced in just six process steps. The central machinery used to achieve this are the HELiAPECVD and the HELiAPVD. The HELiAPECVD is used for PECVD deposition of amorphous silicon layers on the front and rear.

The HELiAPVD deposits TCO layers on the front and rear using PVD sputtering. Busbar-free metallization is then applied on both sides via screen printing, enabling extremely low silver consumption.

Your benefits:

  • High light yield and outstanding passivation properties thanks to amorphous silicon
  • The finished solar cell has a low temperature coefficient
  • Efficiencies in excess of 23% are possible
  • Lower production costs thanks to the low temperature process and fewer manufacturing steps

Solar cell manufacturing with Heterojunction Technology

Solar cells based on heterojunction technology (HJT) employ a well-known cell principle that is however currently only being exploited commercially by a few companies. Meyer Burger has been working to refine this cell concept since 2008 and has developed suitable systems for the manufacture of heterojunction cells.

Heterojunction technology combines the advantages of crystalline silicon solar cells with the excellent absorption and passivation properties of amorphous silicon, familiar from thin film technology.

In order to produce heterojunction cells, thin layers of doped and intrinsic amorphous silicon together with transparent, conductive oxide layers (TCO) are applied to both sides of an n-type monocrystalline silicon wafer.


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