Wafer Inspection

The wafer inspection system checks the quality of the individual silicon wafers. This enables micro-cracks, material and surface damage in the silicon wafers to be detected and the conductivity measured.

Our wafer inspection system WIS

The inspection system for silicon wafers from Meyer Burger delivers reliable results. The system inspects the silicon wafers for quality and performance with the highest accuracy and at the same time high throughput.

Advantages of wafer inspection:

  • Detection of smallest micro cracks and material damage
  • Classification of the conductivity of each wafer
  • Automated quality control and sorting process
  • Measurement of various parameters such as thickness, edges, saw marks, conductivity and lifetime prognosis
  • Modular design for integration into a solar module production line

Our product

Wafer Inspection System

Solution for wafer quality control – the best technology for the most reliable inspection results.