Cell Testing

Every solar cell must be tested for cell performance before it is inserted into a solar module. The cell tester also detects minimal deviations and damage. The cell test procedure uses innovative light sources that enable accurate measurements to be taken for all cell technologies (including capacitive cells).

After testing, the solar cells are classified and sorted according to quality.


Our cell test system

Meyer Burger offers a leading measurement process for the precision testing of solar cells under the brand name Pasan. The highly efficient, cost-effective and durable measurement technology impresses with its accuracy and productivity and is designed to measure the latest generation of solar cells.

The contacting system ensures that cell shading is minimized and that the IV measurement is both accurate and reproducible. Cells with less than 120 μm thickness can be contacted.

Advantages of solar cell testing

  • Measurement of cell performance
  • Classification and sorting of the individual solar cells
  • Reduction of costs to achieve grid parity (grid parity)
  • Sorting out defective solar cells before they are inserted into a module
  • Integration into existing photovoltaic production lines

Our product

Cell tester

Developed to attain grid parity for highest-accuracy measurement of cell performance.