Energy yield measurements in different climate zones

For proving our advanced technologies, we maintain several measuring stations located in different climate zones (Abu Dhabi, California, Arizona and Yinchuan in China). There, we compare the constant energy yield measurements of different solar module technologies.

Measured by the accredited institute SUPSI, the data show daily updated energy yield figures of selected DC single modules at different locations - in each case compared with the specific energy yield of a monofacial Al-BSF module as a reference module.

Each module is shadeless and installed with the same tilt and in the same mounting height.

Short description of measurements:

  • All modules are light soaked and initial measured by an accredited institute (SUPSI).
  • Energy yield figures for every single module are normalized to the institute value.
  • The diagrams show the normalized yield (specific energy yield) in kWh/kWp/day.


How to get the Measured Energy Yield Data?

Please contact André Richter (Business Developer Technology, Product & Technology Module) with your needs.