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Meyer Burger publishes its financial results twice a year. Press Releases which are subject to AdHoc publicity rules are released 90 minutes prior to the opening of the SIX Swiss stock exchange.

Manfred Häner
Chief Financial Officer

    03.08.2020 / Commercial
    Meyer Burger definitely secures the new locations for the production of solar cells and solar modules
    22.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Successful rights issue of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd – 99% of subscription rights exercised
    14.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger Technology Ltd: Beginning of trading of subscription rights and subscription period
    10.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Shareholders of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd approve capital increase
    10.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger informiert über die Details der beantragten Kapitalerhöhung
    09.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Sites decision: Meyer Burger wants to establish its own production of solar cells and solar modules in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony
    02.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Décision de la Commission suisse des OPA sur l'inexistence d'une obligation de présenter une offre à l'égard de Meyer Burger Technology SA
    02.07.2020 / Adhoc
    Decision of the Swiss Takeover Board on the non-existence of the obligation to make an offer with regard to Meyer Burger Technology Ltd
    19.06.2020 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger Technology Ltd aims to transform itself from a supplier of production equipment to a technologically leading manufacturer of solar cells and modules. Capital increase targeting gross proceeds of CHF 165 million planned.
    19.06.2020 / Commercial
    Fraunhofer report confirms technological advantage of heterojunction/SmartWire technology