Smart Glass

Intelligent glass will grow in importance in future because it enables functions such as continuously variable darkening and information transfer through individual, luminescent surfaces.

Smart glass is a promising technology. Smart glass is able to change its translucence by the application of a voltage and also enables information to be exchanged.

  • We supply the smart glass industry with equipment for coating and printing.
  • In the coating area, Meyer Burger provides plasma-based solutions as well as “roll-to-roll” and “sheet-to-sheet” solutions based on atomic layer deposition.
  • In the print area, Meyer Burger offers custom-designed inkjet printers for industrial volume production. 


Global Sales

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Our products

Advanced Drop Analysis

Advanced Drop Analysis

Automated drop formation research and quality monitoring

Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer
Software package

Advanced Gerber File Rasterizer

For conversion to inkjet printable format

Automated Print Optimization
Optional software module

Automated Print Optimization

Software package to quickly define the optimal print settings

Fujifilm Dimatix Cartridge (DMC)
Disposable cartridge for PiXDRO LP50 / PiXDRO IP410

Fujifilm Dimatix Cartridge

Low-cost testing without compromise

KM 1024i + UV Printhead Assembly
UV LED module

KM 1024i + UV Printhead

Precise printing and curing in one process step

Inkjet printer for mass production


PiXDRO JETx for optimum throughput, cost of ownership, product quality and reliability in 24/7 operation.

Xaar Printhead
Printhead with ink recirculation

Xaar Printhead

For printing particle inks on PiXDRO inkjet printers