MB Wire Saw DW288 Series 3

Diamond wire saw

With the DW288, the high speed and precision of diamond wire technology are a matter of course.

The prizewinning DW288 is specially designed for the production of mono and multicrystalline wafers, and can be operated with both diamond wire technology or slurry. It is also intended for high output with extremely thin diamond wires, and works at highest speeds. 

The production of monocrystalline wafers at lowest cost and highest quality with maximum material utilization is simply unthinkable without slicing using diamond wire. The DW288 Series 3 is designed for use with extremely thin wires. This reduces kerf loss and maximizes the number of wafers per kilo of silicon.

The patented Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS) helps ensure longer usability of the diamond wire. Thereby, precise cutting is aided by the optimized axle spacing of the wire rolls, with a global thickness variation (TTV) of <10 µm.

Your benefits:

  • Best quality is guaranteed: Higher wire tension for a more precise cut thanks to an innovative control system
  • Highest throughput guaranteed: 30 m/s wire speed, 650 mm loading length, and a cutting time of less than two hours
  • More yield per kilo of silicon thanks to wires as thin as a human hair, resulting in reduced kerf losses
  • Lowest wire consumption thanks to the DWMS (1m/wafer)


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Meyer Burger Challenge: 5 Bricks in a Day

The diamond wire technology from Meyer Burger achieves a further reduction in cost per wafer. The environmentally friendly water-based sawing process cuts the brick at double the cutting speed compared to the slurry cutting process. This significantly increases production output and maximizes the machine's capacity.

The ultra-thin wafers cut with diamond wire are perfectly suited for application in the groundbreaking heterojunction (HJT) cell process.

Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS)

Winner of the Solar Award 2014, the DWMS is an innovative wire winding system which has been specially designed for Meyer Burger diamond wire saws.

During cutting, the wire is wound and unwound on spools on each side of the wire web. The innovative DWMS design separates the spool into a supplier storage part and a working part. On the working part, the wire is wound in non-overlapping windings with a minimal pitch. This completely eliminates wire to wire contact, thus extending the life of the wire.


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