FabEagle TFM mobile

Manufacturing Dashboard

FabEagle®TFM mobile is an extension module of FabEagle®TFM for mobile users.

Your flexible mobile frontend to monitor equipment and manufacturing performance (OEE). All views of FabEagle®TFM are optimized as mobile web applications for the usage in Internet portals, smart phones and tablet computers.

With the usage of FabEagle®TFM mobile, you will have access to all information describing the condition of your production:

  • Overview of equipment states and outstanding maintenance
  • Maintenance tasks can be performed and documented directly at the equipment
  • Throughput analysis for single or multiple equipments
  • Monitoring of process data
  • Analysis of OEE & equipment states
  • Statistical analysis of equipment errors

Your benefits

  • Real-time support to analyze and improve your production processes
  • Tailor-made user interfaces for smartphones, tablets or PCs
  • Modern dashboard functionality with virtual tachometers, donut or trend charts
  • Variable usage possible with additional database tables from external applications
  • No additional OEM license needed for users of a ORACLE database.


Sales AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

+49 (0) 351 2166 0


FabEagle®TFM mobile is optimized for the use on different platforms, and adapts automatically to your platform. For example, the GUI adapts to your screen size and input tools will be optimized for your device. For intelligent tracking of KPI's, different ways of visualization, such as virtual tachometer, donut or trend charts are available.


FabEagle®TFM mobile is based on the development environment Oracle APEX, which is part of every Oracle database license. With the basic building blocks contained in APEX support, a rapid implementation of additional customer-specific views is possible.


Because FabEagle®TFM mobile is based on Oracle APEX other applications using additional database tables can be integrated with little effort. For easy development of additional views, the FabEagle®TFM mobile templates can be used.

Demonstration system

We are happy to give you web access to our FabEagle®TFM mobile demonstration system. Please contact us via our form if you are interested.


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