Best Passivation Quality - No Cross Contamination

HELiAPECVD is the best solution to deposit high quality intrinsic and doped a-Si for HJT solar cells.

The Meyer Burger HELiAPECVD system promises a stable and uniform layer deposition with best performance and passivation quality for high-efficiency heterojunction technology solar cells. HELiAPECVD is an integrated platform for all intrinsic and doped a-Si deposition steps including wafer handling.

Advantages of HELiAPECVD:1

  • Best passivation properties ensures highest cell efficiency
  • No cross contamination and lowest impurities
  • Highest yield and process stability
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Highest productivity and Best uptime
  • Smart Fab / Industry 4.0 ready
  • Compatible with future technology trends (wide process window)

1compared to other PECVD systems for HJT cell production

No cross contamination of intrinsic passivation layer at p/n interface (Competitors using same tray for p- and i-layer and therefore suffer from cross contamination.)

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