Leading PERC technology Platform

FABiA® is the only 3in1 tool for high throughput PERC cell deposition

The Meyer Burger FABiA® combines all market proven benefits of the industry leading SiNA® and MAiA® modular platforms into one single equipment. 

Advantages of FABiA® 6.1:

  • Only 3in1 system for front and rear AlOx and SiN deposition
  • 50% lower footprint than single step equipment (saves 1,000 m² per GW)
  • Lower production costs compared to ALD + Front and Rear Tube PECVD
    • -30% gas
    • -50% electricity
    • -67% lab
  • Highest Throughput of 6,350 w/h
  • Highest yield of 98% in mass production
  • Better efficiency due to less handling and contamination

FABiA® is qualified for PERC, PERx p-type and n-type cell concepts as well as mono and multi crystalline wafers. Compared to other solutions, the qualified process eliminates additional wet bench or heating steps. Proven PERC baseline recipes are supported and optimized during machine ramp-up. The integrated tool simplifies cell production complexity through full qutomation of process sequences.

50% Footprint saving


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