Meyer Burger is a leading global technology company where discovering the unexplored, developing new technologies and improving tried and tested products and processes are the drivers of our customer-focused culture of innovation. Here you will find a selection of technical white papers which provide you in-depth insight into our solutions and technologies.

Precise Inkjet Printing for digital manufacturing

The semiconductor industry is giving attention to inkjet printing to gain benefits from its features.

PiXDRO inkjet printing technology delivers gaining competitive advantages in various applications as semiconductor, pcb, printedelectronics enabling fast product adaptation.

Inkjet printing: gaining competitive advantage.

The solar cell of the future

Heterojunction technology (HJT) combines the high efficiencies of monocrystalline (c-Si) silicon solar cells with the exceptional passivation properties of amorphous silicon (a-Si).

Solar cells with heterojunction technology (HJT) have long been regarded as a premium product. The Swiss production equipment supplier Meyer Burger has invested heavily, with the aim of industrializing the technology for mass production.

Heterojuction solar cells promise a higher cell efficiency than other technologies such as PERC.

Solar cell and module measurement technology

Measurement equipment for solar cells and modules. Cell and module inspection systems detect possible quality insufficiencies and measure the performance

Meyer Burger has been providing the most accurate solar cell and module measurement equipment worldwide for over 30 years.

The measurement and testing technology demonstrates the best spectral match and uniformity available on the market today using Pasan measurement solutions.