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Latest News

    15.08.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger impacted by weak demand in photovoltaic sector in H1 2019
    15.08.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger plans to adapt business model and enter strategic collaboration with REC
    13.08.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger considers request for extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
    08.08.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger receives initial order for HJT production line from Oxford PV for about CHF 20 million
    29.07.2019 / Adhoc
    Disclosure of shareholdings and creation of group
    24.07.2019 / Adhoc
    Shareholder requests agenda item for future Annual General Meeting
    22.07.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger signs major contract for its Heterojunction core equipment
    22.07.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger publishes preliminary results for the first half of 2019; Board of Directors announces strategy review
    02.05.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger Technology Ltd – Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 2019
    30.04.2019 / Adhoc
    Meyer Burger concludes divestment of wafer business to Precision Surfacing Solutions