AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH as a system and software company offers innovative, flexible and economic software solutions in the field of automation and information technology for almost 25 years.

Innovative solutions for efficient functionality and high quality

Progress and development, especially in front of industry 4.0, implicate a bathful of challenges for companies. Continuous innovation and increasing complexity and volatility represents a huge claim.

We at AIS Automation Dresden are glad to help you to remain competitive and to meet the ever-growing new demands. Industry 4.0 means the digitization of the industry. And that is our core competence.

In the future intelligent and especially individual solutions will ensure a full control and optimization of all processes in your company. To achieve this, it requires elaborate infrastructure, scalable solutions and innovative applications. Especially the keyword cost efficiency represents a significant factor. For more than 25 years, we have been leading our clients through our innovative and individual solutions successfully towards progress.